2017 Entertainment and Activity Schedule


Games, Face Painting, Crafts + Textile Recycling + Gustave Whitehead 1800’s airplane replica throughout the event ALL DAY

Time Sherman Gazebo FTC Parking Lot Activities
10:00 AM All Star Energy Band Irena Hart
11:00 AM Dan Carluci “Play it Again” – use recycled objects to make your own musical instruments…and come on stage and play them!
11:30 AM Trashy Fashions/All Star Energy Band
12:00 PM Dan Delvanthal – Lakota opening with drum Rob Carlson &
Benefit Street Band
12:15 PM Mike Tetreau official Town opening
12:30 PM Legislator’s Forum
1:30 PM Tri-M Music Honor Society High School Students
2:00 PM Kristen Graves Bedlam Brothers Bring on the Hoopla
3:00 PM Tri-M Music Honor Society High School Students Tri-M Music Honor Society High School Students

Celebration Ends…but wait, there’s more!

Have an early dinner at one of the fab restaurants in downtown Fairfield, restaurant mecca of Fairfield County, and come back for the International Ocean Film Tour Vol. 4 at FTC, part of their Outdoor Sports Center Adventure Film Series, starting at 6:30pm.
Visit www.FairfieldTheater.org for details – this is a paid activity with general admission ticketing; doors open at 6pm.