Earth Day Activities

Fun Activities Near You
  • Mystic Aquarium
    Stay connected to family and friends while supporting Mystic Aquarium’s animal care! Send that special someone a cute clip with a personalized message.
  • Wakeman Town Farm
    Whether you’re into gardening, cooking, bee-keeping, composting, or raising poultry, our short FREE videos provide the insights you’ll need to dive in with confidence. Many of the cooking videos (and live animal “cams”) are great fun with the kids.
  • Wilton Go Green Scavenger Hunt
    Complete the Earth Month scavenger hunt as an individual or a family over the month of April and be entered to win a prize! You can be from any town to enter.
  • Virtual Fairfield Museum
    To celebrate Earth Day, the Museum is hosting a special Storytime Live on April 22, featuring a reading of the beloved children’s book, Dear Children of the Earth by Schim Schimmel, a remarkable letter from Mother Earth asking for help from children everywhere.
  • Films to Watch
    Films on Environmental issues for the whole family to watch, learn from, and talk about.
  • Trinity Solar Presentation
    Reduce your carbon footprint, get control of your energy costs, and help Operation Hope raise funds to help your community.
  • Create Your Own Earth Day 2020 Garden
    Got even a square foot of outdoor space? Celebrate the 50th Earth Day by getting outdoors and planting a pollinator-friendly garden! Pollinators (insects, birds or other animals that move pollen from one plant to another) are responsible for up to 30% of our food supply. Our native pollinator populations are threatened due to pesticide use, habitat loss due to urbanization and suburbanization (lawns are not habitat for pollinators), and climate change. It’s fun and easy for kids to help plant and maintain your garden!
  • Go on Safari!
    You don’t have to come to Aspetuck Land Trust’s preserves for a nature adventure… look to your own yard! Hunt for invasive plants, celebrate native pollinators, and be on the lookout for any exciting critter hiding under rocks and logs in your own yard!
Downloadable Activities