2014 Schedule of Events

ALSO… Please check out  the Special Events happening throughout the day.

All Day Events Time Main Stage Front Entrance Stage Cooking Demo Various Venues
(Main Entrance, Courtyard, Cafeteria)Arts Contest Exhibit
(LMC Lecture Room) 

Gustave Whitehead full-sized replica of Airplane that Flew on August 14, 1901 – TWO YEARS PRIOR to the Wright   Brothers!
(front parking lot)


Electronic Recycling
(front parking lot)


Touch a Truck
(front parking lot)


Face Painting


Balloon Making
(Front Entrance)


Rainbow Room

(Senior Commons)


Make Origami and Wrapping Paper (TBD)

9:00am   Irena Hart    
10:00am All Star Energy Band Irena Hart Heath Avery Duncan, Chef 
Breakfast Bling:  Be a Handyman in the Kitchen
Storytelling (TBD)
10-11am Juggling
10:30am Trashy Fashions Irena Hart
11:00am All Star Energy Band EC Bradley Amie Guyette Hall, Health Coach
Good Vibrations: Our Daily Greens
Author’s Corner
11am-2pm Make Your Own Musical Instruments
11:30am Trashy Fashions Vicky Ferrara Legislator Roundtable
(LMC Lecture Room)
11:30am-12:30pmWaubbie The Clown/Robbie Pack – face painting & balloon animals (Throughout)11:30-2:30
12:00pm Bedlam Brothers Vicky Ferrara Sam Popalardo, Healthy Eating Specialist
Whole Food: It’s What’s for Lunch!
12:30pm Arts Contest Award Ceremony Gadelica
Traditional Irish Music
1:00pm Bedlam Brothers Gadelica
Traditional Irish Music
Victoria Eastus, Chef
Pickling 101: Kitchen Basics
2:00pm Bedlam Brothers   Michelle Bostrup, Veggiecator Educator
Veggiecation: For Kids in the Kitchen
3:00pm Bedlam Brothers   Kathy Caulfield, Real Foodist & Blogger
Reaching for Raw: The Ripple Effect