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Only by working together as a community, can we help Fairfield achieve its goals of becoming a more sustainable community. Check out useful resources and participate in town sustainability meetings and events!

Interested in joining a sub-committee? You do not need to be a member of Sustainable Fairfield to contribute. Contact us for details.


Resources created by Fairfield residents for everyone to use and contribute to.

Energy &
Built Environment

Chair: Bob Wall
The Energy and the Built Environment Subcommittee works to encourage more efficient and renewably sourced energy use for heating, cooling, lighting, ventilation, and electrical equipment. To that end, we look for opportunities to “green” town operations and to inform and empower residents and business owners to make smart energy choices through forums, campaigns, partnerships and online resources.


Chair: Daphne Dixon
More info coming soon.


Co-Chairs: Emma Kaye, Shawn O’Sullivan
The Equity Subcommittee seeks to ensure that in moving toward the town’s sustainability goals, the actions and solutions we partake in as a task force are equitable and just for every citizen; and that in our activities and outreach, each person is made aware of, and can participate in these goals.


Co-Chairs: Mary Hogue, Shawn O’Sullivan
More info coming soon.

Food & Waste

Chair: Becky Bunnell
More info coming soon.

Natural Environment

Chair: Mary Hogue
More info coming soon.

Communication & Outreach

Chair: Rabab Syed
This committee’s focus is to build effective channels of communication by creating shareable content to educate the town and general public of ways to be more sustainable, in addition to listening to members of the community and help broadcast their sustainability successes.

Other Resources

Town of Fairfield seal
Town of Fairfield seal

Sustainability Plan

The Town of Fairfield has a long history of support for sustainability initiatives. But as our Town grows and develops, it faces growing environmental challenges, compounded by the increasing pressure of climate change. Striving for sustainability has never been more critical and will require embedding the practice of sustainability into Town operations and the everyday life of its citizens.

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News & Blog

Check out the latest news, relevant articles, fun tips and tricks, and ways to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

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About Us

Sustainable Fairfield was formed to encourage community action in support of putting Fairfield on the path to using clean, renewable energy sources.

This website houses information regarding events hosted by the Sustainable Fairfield group.

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