Tesla Model 3

Likely to be regarded as one of the most important production vehicles ever made, the Tesla Model 3 shines in almost every category you could imagine for a 4-door sedan. In many aspects, it outperforms gasoline cars that are two-to-three times more expensive.

While the Model 3 may not be Tesla’s fastest car, it provides many of the same features as its larger sibling, the Model S, for half of the price, making it the gold standard for electric vehicles.

Important Specs

Make and ModelTesla Model 3
Starting Price$37,990
Range250-322 miles
0-60 MPH3.2 seconds*
Top Speed162 MPH*
Luggage Capacity15 cubic feet
Configuration OptionsStandard Range Plus (RWD)
Long Range (AWD)
Performance (AWD)
*Performance model


Note: Full self driving features shown are not widely available to the public yet and require an additional purchase for software upgrade. No additional hardware purchase necessary.

Interior Photos

Exterior Photos

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