Alternative Transportation

Riding a bike

There’s more than one way to get around in style.

No car? There are many other environmentally-friendly ways to travel. Check out a few other ways that will take you from A to point B to point C… and have fun in getting there.

There’s safety afoot if you follow these tips

Over the past few months, we have seen an increasing number of walkers and runners out in our neighborhoods. The Fairfield Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee would like to offer some helpful tips for pedestrians to keep you safe on our streets.

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CTrides is a free program that helps commuters find the best way to get to work or school. We provide resources for choice commuting options throughout Connecticut, including bus, rail, carpools, vanpools, biking, walking, and teleworking.

Dawn Henry on her Vespa Elettrica

Electric Lady

The story of how one car might first turn your head, and then your life, in an entirely new direction.

Michael Terranove

One inspired ride!

Perhaps you have been lucky enough to catch a glimpse of young Fairfield resident Michael Terranova zooming around town on his beloved electric scooter. What a cool ride! This is the Razor EcoSmart 500-watt electric scooter that can travel up to 18 mph (and more on the downhill). It goes 12 miles on a single […]

Worker cleans MTA train

Tracking Safety on the Rails

During Rail Safety Week LIRR and Metro-North will also use the opportunity to focus on ways to stay safe during the pandemic such as wearing face coverings and following proper social distancing.

We’re on the Right Path

The benefits of walking or riding a bicycle not only contribute to your own personal health, but also to the well being of your community, and the planet. The Town of Fairfield has been nationally recognized as having one of the top ten Complete Street policies adopted in 2018.


Discover the Joys of Electric Bicycling…in a Pandemic

By Jim Motavalli My biking skills were atrophying—until the Pandemic. I read once that Americans have the highest bicycle ownership in the world, but one of the lowest rates of actually riding them. Everybody has a bike—that’s what garages are for—but most of them are sitting around with flat tires. Some years ago, I was […]


Is Public Transportation Dead?

Well, we won’t be going to the moon anytime soon, but many of us do have to go to work; and luckily, public transport lives. In a new podcast series called “Along the Lines,” Rich Andreski, Connecticut’s DOT Bureau Chief of Public Transportation, will chat with advocates, local policymakers, members of the community, and most […]

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