The Norwalk River Watershed Association (NRWA) improves the water quality and fish and wildlife habitats of the seven-town Norwalk River watershed. NRWA restores riverbanks, meadows, forests, and urban parks through invasive plant abatement and promotion of native species; encourages recreational use of the river, the surrounding open space and its trails; and promotes research, advocacy, education, cooperation, and action to help implement the Norwalk River Watershed Action Plan. Regionally, NRWA works closely with the Hudson-to-Housatonic Conservation Partnership and helps expand the Pollinator Pathway, now in 95 towns in CT and NY, which encourages the creation of safe, pesticide-free, native habitat for pollinators and other wildlife.  Last year NRWA hosted nearly 100 programs, including library talks, guided walks, and volunteer events, ranging in size from small and informal gatherings of 5-10 people to larger events drawing over 100 participants. Those volunteers pulled over 5000 pounds of trash from the river, cleared over two acres of invasive plants, planted 500 trees and shrubs and over 3000 wildflowers. Ongoing projects include restoring the riverbank, tree canopy, and gardens at two Norwalk city parks, helping maintain hiking trails along the river, and creating new pollinator meadows—one in Wilton and one in Ridgefield.