Over the past few months, we have seen an increasing number of walkers and runners out in our neighborhoods. The Fairfield Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee would like to offer some helpful tips for pedestrians to keep you safe on our streets. 

Face traffic:  All runners and walkers should run/walk on the left side, facing traffic. It’s easier to see oncoming cars. 

Make room:  If traffic gets heavy be prepared to move onto the sidewalk or shoulder of the road.

Be seen: Wear high-visibility, brightly colored clothing. When out near or after sunset wear reflective clothing and use an LED headlamp or handheld light so you can see where you’re going, and drivers can see you.

Pretend you’re invisible:  Don’t assume a driver can see you.

Beware of high-risk drivers : Steer clear of potential problem areas like entrances to parking lots, bars, and restaurants, where there may be heavy traffic.

Be respectful: At a stop sign or light, wait for the driver to wave you through—then acknowledge with a wave.  Use hand signals to show which way you plan to turn.