What do actor Woody Harrelson, singer Jason Mraz and football titan Tom Brady have in common? Here’s a hint: It’s dirt- but not celebrity dirt- soil to be exact. These influencers are just a few of the compelling environmental advocates featured in an award winning (42 awards!) film about the the power of regenerative agriculture to combat climate change.

KISS THE GROUND: The Solution is Right Under our Feet, narrated by Harrelson, and directed by Josh and Rebecca Tickell, is the opening film of WPKN 89.5 FM’s Environmental Film Series at the Historic Bijou Theater in Bridgeport- a joint fundraiser between the two.

If you’re thinking “Why would I want to watch a film about agriculture?” Think again. This is an engaging and solutions oriented look at how we can feed ourselves sustainably and reduce CO2 in the atmosphere. How we produce our food is as important as what we choose to eat. With good news about the environment a rarity these days, this movie is jam packed with uplift.

Watch the trailer HERE.

Kevin Gallagher, WPKN’s Long Island Director and a member of the Board, also hosts the bi-weekly podcast Digging in the Dirt, an eclectic show about all things environmental. You can hear his interview with producer of the film Ryland Engelhardt HERE. He notes,”WPKN has chosen “Kiss the ground” as an example of great story telling about those trying to make a difference with the problem of the planet warming. Kiss the Ground, the organization and the film, are dedicated to communicating to a wider audience, the issues we face and the possible solutions.  Their mission aligns with many of us at WPKN.” 

Where: Bridgeport’s Historic Bijou Theater, 275 Fairfield Ave. Bridgeport CT

When: September 8 at 7pm

Purchase tickets HERE