The climate is changing, and transportation is a leading cause. Walking and biking reduce energy use, improve air quality, reduce parking needs and traffic, improve personal health and fitness, and invigorate the local economy through increased access to local businesses and tourism. We can achieve these community‐wide benefits through institutional planning and enforcement.

Achievements to Date

  • Town-wide bike route plan
  • Three completed bike routes including Shoreline, Mill Plain, and Library to Library; the Lake Mohegan to Beach route is nearing completion
  • Two bicycle pump/repair stations (Southport Beach, Brookside Drive) in place; a third is pending
  • In 2018, published Approved Complete Streets policy, which was “Top Ten” ranked nationally by Smart Growth America
  • Numerous education and outreach events and activities

Challenges Ahead

  • Continued expansion of bike routes
  • Implementation of the Complete Streets plan
  • Installation of more sidewalks to expand safe walking alternatives

Benefits of biking and walking

  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions, which contribute to climate change
  • Reduced congestion and toxic emissions from burning of fossil fuels
  • Improved air quality and public health
  • Savings on personal transportation costs
  • Reduced pressure on Town land use for parking resources
A bike share program was launched in 2016 in partnership with private business, and led by the Fairfield Health Dept.

2030 Plan Goals*

  • Implement at least three new routes pursuant to Bike-Walk-Run plan
  • Implement three projects pursuant to Complete Streets policy
  • Complete implementation of bike route plan and Complete Streets plan
  • Annual community outreach and education
  • Support state efforts to promote mass transit and transit-oriented design

*Some goals are ambitious and may need more time to achieve target participation rates; others can be achieved sooner. Work on all goals should begin as soon as possible.

How Do We Reach Our Goals?

  • Implement Bike-Walk-Run plan during repaving projects
  • Using federal and state incentives when possible, apply Complete Streets policies to new projects 
  • Leverage private funding and partnerships when possible
  • Continue outreach and education efforts
Bike-Walk-Run Plan 2016
Bicycle & Pedestrian Committee
Transit-Oriented Design
Complete Streets Policy 2018