The Sustainable Fairfield Task Force (SFTF) aims to expand its ongoing outreach and education regarding sustainability and environmental preservation, and to encourage Town-wide involvement in activities designed to help Fairfield become a truly sustainable community.

Achievements to Date

  • Developing the Town’s first-ever Sustainability Plan, followed by a series of forums to create awareness
  • Securing Fairfield’s designation as a Silver-level Sustainable CT community
  • Organizing an annual region-leading EV-focused “Green Wheels Expo”
  • Conducting the first-ever Town-wide “Green Survey”
  • Providing support for renewable energy projects: residential solar programs, EV charging stations, household energy audits, LED bulb giveaways
  • Overseeing the annual Earth Day Celebration event
  • Conducting tours of key Town sustainability facilities
  • Developing a Town informational resource for household recycling
  • Conducting forums on “tips” for household sustainability and environmentalism
  • Overseeing initiatives to engage Fairfield citizens in key sustainability opportunities, e.g., home composting, home gardening, pollinator pathways, environmentally friendly mattress disposal, residential “Solarize” program
  • Providing informational/educational resources on dedicated Town webpage
  • Conducting ongoing media/social media outreach to inform our community

Challenges Ahead

  • Crowded environment for cause-related messaging makes it difficult for local sustainability messaging to break through
  • Keeping Fairfield’s citizens aware of increasingly critical environmental and sustainability issues and encouraging wider public involvement
  • Maintaining alignment with Town bodies and Town officials to ensure an ongoing flow of consistent information and support of sustainability actions
  • Creating and maintaining “feedback mechanisms” to better understand and respond to citizen concerns and interests re: sustainability

Benefits of Citizen Outreach & Education

  • Building recognition of Town’s leadership in sustainability, with benefit for the Town’s reputation
  • Enhancing community support for Town’s sustainability initiatives 
  • Encouraging citizen action to enhance household sustainability

2030 Plan Goals*

  • Establish a Town-authored, quarterly media column focused on sustainability
  • Promote specific sustainability and environmental quality initiatives
  • Keep citizens fully updated on full range of steps/activities they can undertake
  • Update and carry out two more “Green Surveys” by 2030

*Some goals are ambitious and may need more time to achieve target participation rates; others can be achieved sooner. Work on all goals should begin as soon as possible.

How Do We Reach Our Goals?

  • Conduct biannual community “Solarize” initiative, building on prior projects
  • Initiate annual Town workshop for residents focused on household sustainability
  • Continued sponsorship of annual Green Wheels Expo
  • Initiate program to recognize Town businesses with demonstrated sustainability actions
  • Develop improved Web resources focusing on our sustainability mission, including core sustainability documents and standing sections for both timely news and “evergreen” content
  • Initiate annual Town-wide newsletter updates to residents on sustainability issues and SFTF mission progress
  • Regularly update the Town on significant sustainability initiatives, e.g., solar carports, EVs for Town fleet, electric school buses, via media outreach, Town e-mail list, Town website posts
  • Build knowledge and engagement among Town’s youth via support for Sustainable Youth CT group and sustainability initiatives at Town schools
  • Join forces with other CT municipalities via Sustainable Fairfield County, Clean Cities, EV Club of CT
  • Establish Town-wide signage program highlighting key sustainability projects
  • Conduct annual sponsored tour of sustainability projects/installations
  • Curate annual, relevant exhibit at Museum/History Center, Main Public Library, Fairfield Farmer’s Market
  • Highlight significant “sustainability business partners” in Fairfield Chamber of Commerce Directory
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