CT NOFA & Ecotype Project

The Northeast Organic Farming Association of Connecticut’s mission is to ensure the growth and viability of organic agriculture, organic food, and organic land care in Connecticut. We envision a healthy, organic Connecticut founded on ecologically, socially and economically just principles. In addition to our food-based initiatives, CT NOFA also runs the NOFA Organic Land Care program to train the next generation of organic landscapers, land managers, and conservationists.

The Ecotype Project is a plant and place based approach to land stewardship and agrarian resilience in the northeast. We must restore native habitat to safeguard our food system. Our initiative exists at the intersection of farms, gardens, land trusts, and public lands: we aim to increase the number of native plants growing in our region. To do this, we are growing seed crops of Connecticut’s native pollinator plants, wild collected from our open-spaces, and bringing them to our nursery growers and homeowners so that we can produce  the plants to restore native pollinator habitat. 
Here is the link how to give for CT NOFA: https://ctnofa.org/give/