The Sustainable Fairfield Task Force and the Solid Waste and Recycling Commission have developed a simple flyer which will go into over 25,000 tax bills that will help educate Fairfield Residents about how to recycle correctly.

We need YOUR help to raise the funds to print and insert this flyer into the tax bills. We need a total of $3897.00 and your donations will help us get there. Please donate HERE.

Any funds over our target amount will be used to support future recycling programs.
Did you know that the town spends over $700,000.00 on recycling each year and many of the items people put in the recycling bin do not belong there? But many town residents don’t know exactly what goes in the blue bin and what does not, and this ends up costing the town money as their recycling ends up contaminating the town recycling.
Did you know that those black plastic take-out food containers do NOT go in your blue bin? And that your old BBQ can be recycled for free at the town transfer station? This flyer helps everyone understand how to recycle those hard to recycle items.

Your tax deductible donations will help our town recycling program, will save the town money and help our environment.