The Connecticut Audubon Society conserves Connecticut’s environment through science-based education and advocacy focused on the state’s bird populations and habitats. At the core of our belief is a deep appreciation of our state’s natural areas and its wildlife. Our vision is to serve as a portal to the outdoors and nature for the state’s residents, and to engage them in our efforts to make our state a paradigm for the nation of environmental awareness and sustainability. Connecticut Audubon manages 20 wildlife sanctuaries encompassing almost 3,300 acres of open space in Connecticut, and educates over 100,000 children and adults annually. Connecticut Audubon is an independent organization, not affiliated with any national or governmental group.

Our trails are currently open and we encourage you to visit, but please adhere to social distancing guidelines. We also hope you will consider making a donation. Your support will help us maintain our sanctuaries and keep them open for your enjoyment during these difficult times.