Operation Hope is honored to be a part of Fairfield’s Earth Day celebration. For 35 years we have worked hard to end hunger and homelessness, one person at a time. We believe a sustainable community means that everyone has their basic needs met – that through sharing of resources and a collective commitment, complex problems can be solved.

Our programs encourage earth friendly activities –

Our Grow a Row for Hope initiative invites farmers, gardeners and others to remember their neighbors by donating their excess produce.

We support the school system’s movement to zero-waste by accepting appropriate, left-behind food that can be safely provided to our pantry or community kitchen patrons.

We aim to create safe, affordable housing for people who struggle. And to make that housing as energy efficient as possible.

Our annual town-wide tag sale is an excellent example of recycle, reuse, repurpose- unwanted items find new homes and new purpose instead of contributing to landfill.

We are proud to support our friend Lori Scala and her solar initiative through Trinity Solar. She is educating our neighbors about the triple positive of her program – helping the environment, helping homeowners reduce costs, and helping us meet our mission.

We love our community and appreciate the support we receive. In our small way we aim to show that love by being good stewards of what we receive and respectful of all this earth provides. Thank you to all involved for your focus on sustainability!