Ford stole a little thunder (and lightning) from the God Zeus, as they introduced their first ever EV pickup truck- the FV 150 Lightning. Jim Motavalli, writing in Sierra Magazine, says it is sure to give a “big jolt” to electrification in our vehicle landscape.

With this all-American model, Ford may have permanently altered the public perception of electric vehicles. 

-Jim Motavalli

Motavalli writes, “Three obstacles to EV adoption, according to studies, are price, range, and charging infrastructure. This vehicle clearly checks off at least the first two.” The price is competitive with the gas guzzling F 150 version, and range is a hefty 230 miles. It even has superpowers: 9.6 kilowatts of backup power that can power your home during an outage. Take that Zeus!

Photo by Philippe Donn on

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