Take a deep breath. You can almost smell cleaner air on the way.  In 2020, Greater Bridgeport Transport began a tiered transition to an electric fleet, purchasing two Proterra Catalyst buses (made in America!) They have been carrying passengers throughout the Bridgeport area since July 2021, with much success, and in August they showed an average range of 157 miles. Although public transit ridership has been down during the pandemic, buses were the least affected, helping people with no other means of transport get to their destinations, especially essential workers.

GBT will be purchasing three more battery electric buses this month, with projected delivery in mid-2022. They will be  Proterra ZX5s with 675 kWh battery packs, with an anticipated average range above 200 miles. They are also working on securing the funding for an additional six zero-emission buses for delivery in 2024. Of course, this is nowhere near Shenzen China’s 16,000 electric buses; Denver has nearly 40, and Portland is working on electrification of their city buses through wind power. We’ll catch up, don’t worry.  

Why do we like these buses? They are quieter. They require less maintainence, thus saving money. They create no tailpipe emissions. Zero. With the transportation sector responsible for up to 38% of our greenhouse gas emissions, and coastal CT consistently receiving failing grades in The American Lung Association’s “State of the Air” report,  transitioning to electric vehicles, especially municipal fleets, is a huge start in restoring both public and planetary health.  Each of these buses reduces pollution the equivalent of taking 45 cars off the road for a year. Imagine how fresh that air will be when all vehicles are electric.

Come see a Proterra Electric Bus, along with the newest electric cars, motorcycles, scooters and bikes at Sustainable Fairfield’s Green Wheels Expo, Sat. Oct 2 from 10-2 at Bob’s Parking Lot in Fairfield 899 Post Rd.