Mill River Wetland Committee (MRWC) announces 3 Fairfield cleanups as part of their
2021 celebration of Earth Month. MRWC and Action Waste have partnered with
organizations across the spectrum of Fairfield’s environmental advocacy groups to offer
opportunities for citizens of all ages to combat plastic litter, including the increased use
of personal protective equipment (PPE) like masks, wipes, and gloves to combat

Advance registration is required for these cleanups, which will take place on three dates:

  • Sunday April 18, 1-3pm
  • Sunday April 25, 1-3pm
  • Saturday May 1, 1-3pm

View MRWC’s website for more information and to register for any cleanup.

Event co-sponsors Fairfielders Protecting Land and Neighborhoods (FairPLAN),
Leaders for Environmental Action at Fairfield University (LEAF), Sustainable Fairfield
Students (SFS), and Sustainable Youth Connecticut (SYCT) each represent
environmental action-oriented citizens within our community. By combining forces, they
hope to amplify the impact of these cleanups while raising awareness about the volume
of plastic waste and the hazards it poses to the Earth and all its inhabitants.

Research published by Science Advances in 2020 demonstrated the extent of the U.S.
role in plastic waste pollution. Using data from 2016, the study found the U.S.
generated 42 metric tons of plastic waste, accounting for 17 percent of global plastic
waste, despite accounting for only 4 percent of the global population. The same study
found that 1.25 million metric tons of U.S. plastic waste in 2016 ended up as litter.
These statistics, from before the global pandemic, underscore the need for immediate
action to minimize use of single use plastic products, improve recycling rates, and
remove plastic litter from our environment.

Each event is registered with’s Great Global Cleanup to commemorate the
51st anniversary of Earth Day. These events are free and open to volunteers of all
ages, though advance registration is required. All cleanups will enforce Covid-19
protocols, requiring participants to wear masks, gloves, and maintain social distance.

Concerned citizens interested in protecting our environment and Mill River Watershed
should visit our website for more information on how to get involved

MRWC is a non-profit organization founded in Fairfield over 50 years ago with the
mission to educate the community about the value of watersheds, to advocate for their
continued protection, and to engage all people in the fight to protect our environment.
MRWC also sponsors the River-Lab Program, a hands-on environmental education
program used in the Fairfield public and parochial schools as part of the science curriculum. Over 3,000 students and 600 adult volunteers participate in the River-Lab
Program annually.