In 2005, the Town pledged to reduce its municipal energy usage and to obtain 20% of its electricity from renewable sources by 2020.  A 2014 aerial survey of Fairfield homes indicated that about 5,000 Fairfield homes have rooftop solar potential. With current incentives and market conditions, “going solar” has tremendous economic benefits for Fairfield residents. 

Achievements to Date

  • Completed 32 solar energy projects on Town buildings
  • ~30% of Town’s electricity comes from renewable sources
  • 400 Fairfield homes have gone solar through four Town “Solarize” programs
  • First commercial C-PACE incentive projects from the Conne
  • Installation of two “microgrids” to ensure power for essential town operations during emergencies such as major weather events
  • The Town’s renewable energy projects save $3 million/year on energy costs

Challenges Ahead

  • Uncertainty about future state and federal renewable energy incentives
  • Maintaining strong community support for renewable energy projects

Benefits of clean renewable energy:

  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions, which contribute to climate change
  • Reducing toxic emissions from burning of fossil fuels
  • Improving air quality and public health
  • Improving energy stability and security
  • Saving money on electric bills
Riverfield Elementary School solar system

2030 Plan Goals*

  • 50% of Town electricity from renewables
  • 5 large-scale clean energy projects (>500 kW each)
  • 500 residents with solar power at their homes, including low-income
  • Support state renewable policies (incl. wind, geothermal)

*Some goals are ambitious and may need more time to achieve target participation rates; others can be achieved sooner. Work on all goals should begin as soon as possible.

How Do We Reach Our Goals?

  • Leverage state and federal incentives
  • Continue use of power purchase agreements for Town solar projects
  • Continue community “solarize” programs
  • Continue and enhance community outreach and education
  • Provide input into the Town’s updated Clean Energy Action Plan
Clean Energy Action Plan
C-PACE Financing
Sustainable Fairfield Task Force
DEEP Energy Resource
Information on Solar Energy