Many Americans start the new year with a resolution, but few tend to stick with them. If eating healthier, or ethically, is on your radar for the new year, “Veganuary” is a great way to set a relatively simple goal with reasonable expectations.

But what is “Veganuary?” Simply put, it’s a challenge to avoid eating animals and animal byproducts for the month of January. Over one million people have participated in Veganuary since 2014 in more than 192 countries around the world.

Veganuary inspires to get individuals to learn about how our food is produced, reduce the number of slaughterhouses, and showcase compassionate food choices. sums it up best in their open letter:

Catastrophic climate breakdown and global pandemics could not be more serious, but they are not inevitable. If we act now, the future can be better. So, let’s go into 2021 with positivity and a determination to do all we can to protect our planet, its wild spaces and the health and wellbeing of all its inhabitants. To do that, we must change our diets.

Every day, millions of animals are killed to produce food for humans. However, the production of animal-based foods are incredibly taxing on our natural resources, require incredible expanses of land, and end the lives of intelligent species with the same right to live as humans.

Whether you’re considering eating vegan for the planet and climate change, for the economy, or for health, there’s no better time of year to challenge yourself and learn a lot along the way by celebrating Veganuary.

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